March 04, 2021 :

We have just received a report from Moscow regarding the arrest of a criminal suspect and an investigation is now underway. According to this report, the suspect, S.M. Vasiliev, has confessed that he was approached by a regional Committee of the Russian Communist Party to work for the organization. The Committee has also confirmed that the suspect has been an assistant to the person in charge of the Local Committee office in Moscow for five years. The Committee has confirmed that the suspect attempted to recruit new members to the organization, and when that failed he became involved in criminal activities.

Our Moscow correspondent has learned that S.M. Vasiliev confessed that this crime was the reason for his arrest. He said that he has not been involved in criminal activities in the last year, but acted out of desperation.

Vasiliev says that the chairman of the committee threatened him with a strong beating if he does not immediately act according to instructions. He admitted that he acted in line with these instructions.

Although the local committee has denied the accuracy of the news report, it can not be ignored that a criminal case has been opened, the suspect has been taken into custody, and he confessed to a crime. These factors mean that the allegations can be taken into account and the case will most likely proceed.

At this moment there are no further details available.