January 30, 2021 :

Super-computer Y2K Tyelegos Knol, one of the best super-computers in all of humanity, is hard at work on a mathematical equation. The equation will determine the alien’s origin, past, and future, and hopefully help the scientists of Earth answer one of the most perplexing questions of all time: Why does the presence of an entire universe mean nothing?

The calculations for this equation are proving to be a difficult task, but being the mathematician the world has known her to be, Y2K is confident this equation is the solution to all things. She is also confident her equation will also satisfy even the most tenacious aliens who happen to be perusing the Milky Way for food.

“I just got the go-ahead for the answer to this equation,” says Y2K as she finishes her work. “Now I just need to take a quick bathroom break and return with my findings. And by quick I mean as quick as possible, because this equation is a pain in the ass.”

Scientists around the world have been working tirelessly to calculate the equation as quickly as possible, but the process is making them miserable. Scientists around the world will have to wait a very long time until Y2K finally reveals the answer to the universe’s most important question.

“I’m stuck at this computer for the rest of the week,” one distraught scientist at one of the world’s top laboratories tells the camera. “I’ve been doing it for weeks now and I’m just at the beginning of this equation, and I’ve gotten about halfway through, and now I’m on break. I really need to get this equation done as soon as possible, because even if I don’t solve it, even if I’m wrong, I have to do my best to publish this one, because the world deserves to know the answer to the greatest question of all.”

The origins of this question and this equation are shrouded in mystery, and it is commonly accepted that there is some type of energy that makes up the universe that affects the behavior of galaxies and determines the rate of expansion. It is also believed that an energy field known as the Higgs field is responsible for giving rise to new elements in the universe. What is not known, however, is what the energy field is, or where it comes from.

“I’ve been trying to calculate the Higgs field’s initial conditions for the last few hours now,” another scientist tells the camera. “But that damn Y2K can’t seem to figure it out. She’s so impatient, it’s driving me insane. I should fire her.”

Scientists around the world are trying to solve this equation, but even if they do, they will still be no closer to finding the origin of the energy field. When asked if there is any hope of finding an answer to this question, one scientist says: “Well, the only thing for sure is that it must exist somewhere. Otherwise, how could a universe with an entire universe just be there?”