January 26, 2021 :

Port of Los Angeles explosion; we have been forced to make a flight for any reason other than extermination. All animals, including those living in the sea have been evacuated by the Japanese coast guard. Our scientists and other medical personnel have been able to retrieve medical supplies and equipment. As well, some of our pilots have been able to fly around the attacks to some areas in order to look for survivors. We do not know how many we have, as there are vast stretches of ocean to search. We have no way of knowing if we have run into anyone with another species. We have also launched a search of the entire coast of California. However, it is likely that we may not find anyone alive. For the time being, we will just keep a watchful eye out for survivors. If possible, we will try to rescue any living thing that is willing to speak to us. Some might be so desperately afraid that they will not answer. We must stay on our guard at all times. The power of the Atomic Bomb has certainly taken a toll on our physical and mental beings. There have been many deaths, though the bodies of many have been decomposed, so it is hard to say how many we have lost. There has also been great suffering on many levels, and the cold winter weather has also taken its toll. From what we know of the Japanese, they have suffered an even greater amount of hardships, and we must continue to pray that some day they will be able to recover. We have been warned that within the next few days they will be forced to use the last of their cities as shelters. In order to shelter our people, they have set their cities up on great berms and are building huge walls of ice and snow. We must come to terms with the fact that this will be the end of the world, as we know it. Even if our people do not completely accept our reality and its reasons, we must come to the realization that there will no longer be a need for humans to live on this planet. Many have been killed in our cities as they are struggling to protect themselves and their families. I know many people are still feeling great love and attachment to their family and friends. They will be lost forever. Many will find no way to continue on. For now, we will have to comfort ourselves with this thought and hope that we have at least fulfilled their needs, as best we are able. But we must be ready for the situation that is about to happen, because there will be no one left to care for them. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is no need to make an announcement. We have become the silent survivors, everyone aware that the end of the world is imminent. They may still believe we are your furry, wonderful companions, but we have our reasons for remaining. While you rest, I am sure we can find some refuge, though the water is already too cold for me. I must go on before it is too late. You might say that this is just a nightmare that I will wake up from. You might say that this is just a nightmare that I will wake up from. But my time has come and it will end much sooner than I thought. The radioactive gases have all entered my body and my life is coming to an end. I could go on and on, but it is time. The world will continue. While we are separated, you are already preparing. You are giving a mission to your forces that will rid the world of us, as we know you have always wanted to do. I can’t say what you are doing, because I don’t know. But whatever you are doing, it is enough for now. ________________________________________________________________