January 23, 2021 :

Jean-Pierre Thornycroft, the co-founder of the luxury automotive manufacturer Chery, is very pleased to announce a new year. His latest and even more stunning sedan, the electric hybrid Chery SuperQ EV is still getting lots of attention and praise in both the country and abroad.

The automaker recently partnered with two major Chinese newspapers to conduct an interview with Mr. Thornycroft. The journalist from the Shanghai Economic and Trade News asked the Chery Automobile International President, "What about the company's second electric car?" The questions led him to his new electric sedan which was released in November of 2017. According to Mr. Thornycroft, the electric hybrid model is the future of electric cars.

"The most beautiful thing about the Chery SuperQ EV is its length which measures in 6 meters. Our engineers have successfully created a sedan with such long legs. To protect the battery, we have implemented a special box which can stand high pressures and extreme temperatures."

He further explained that the battery pack which includes the lithium ion battery pack is very popular among customers as they can get into their car for a full day's operation. The Chery SuperQ EV is thus equipped with a 6.0 liter V8 gasoline engine, a battery pack and the combustion engine. The combined output is a powerful 400 horsepower and 930Nm of torque.

The head honcho of the Chery Automobile International does not only enjoy the luxury of his company's products. He also greatly enjoys their sustainable features which ensure that it will stay in the market for many years to come.

"Being the first Chinese car company to fully implement the electric powertrain, we have received lots of love and support from many global car magazines. Our company is proud of our accomplishments and we also enjoy seeing the global media's views on our electric cars. Chery's electric powertrain is the longest in the entire Chinese auto industry, and we are looking forward to expanding our electric line up to more models in the coming years."

Electric hybrid vehicles require an electric motor to generate energy. The energy can either be stored in a battery pack or drawn from the combustion engine. This combination gives the car its own distinct characteristics.

Chery's electric powertrain is connected to its combustion engine using a flexible coupling. The base model of the electric vehicle starts at 2,630,000 RMB which can increase depending on the car's equipment. A top range model which can travel approximately 248 kilometers on a single charge will likely be more expensive.

The question that readers might be asking is why is Chery always compared to their Japanese competitors? Mr. Thornycroft explained that they, like many other luxury car manufacturers are merely trying to get their foot in the door of the growing market and make a positive impression on the consumers.

"The race to create the best luxury electric car is still on. The Japanese car industry is an economic giant and we have lots of ideas to try. We hope that the people will support us and see what we have to offer."

According to Mr. Thornycroft, their current market positioning focuses on luxury electric cars. As China is all about leadership, the focus on electric vehicles will help Chery leapfrog into the future of technology.

"We believe in taking steps together, rather than one step at a time. We want to lead in the race to create the best luxury electric cars by 2022."

Mr. Thornycroft was the "CEO-in-Residence" at Elanta Energy, the Hong Kong based electric vehicles developer. He enjoyed working on electric vehicles in the UK and China. It is this time that he has had the chance to truly develop a serious electric car.

However, Chery International can not do it alone. According to the company, Chery is investing heavily in lithium ion battery technology. The company has established a R&D and production center which is expected to commence full scale production next year. Chery sees an opportunity in the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market.