January 20, 2021 :

President Donald Trump of the United States publicly announced on Twitter:

“It's great to be back in my hometown of Washington, DC! Have not seen this much excitement since early New Year's Eve.”

President Trump made his first visit to the White House since his inauguration.
His morning trip to the briefing room and later a private lunch with Pence were to prepare for the Commander-in-Chief's first State of the Union Address, to be delivered the following evening.
The night before the State of the Union, the Senate was unable to pass any legislation on the topic of immigration, making Trump's address even more highly anticipated than usual.

At a press conference following the President's press briefing, he said the policy for the wall was "probably the hardest thing we're going to do." The idea was inspired by his visits to the border as president. He then proceeded to surprise his audience by appearing to sign an executive order to advance the project.

The order, which Trump had previously said would be announced on January 20, was ultimately not presented.