January 17, 2021 :

Commander Robert Kane, USN:

We received word of the new civil unrest in Oregon. I have determined to lead a small contingent of Marines, to begin a sweep of the area, to try and quell this potential civil disturbance. I am sending 4 units out.
Each unit consists of 40 Marines, with the following weapons and equipment: .45 caliber pistols, Remington 870 shotguns, AR 15s, grenade launchers, M203 grenade launchers, M16 rifles, optics and night vision, and night vision goggles.

11:00 PM Washington time:
We have established a perimeter around the homes in the small towns, and we have reinforced it with artillery, tanks and machine guns. We have helicopters in the air constantly, and are in constant radio contact with each other. The Marines we sent out are receiving fire from multiple directions, which we are having difficulty eliminating. I have ordered the artillery to fire on the homes, to stop the fire, and to try to clear a path to the home where the bodies are.

8:30 AM Oregon time:
I have received confirmation that my men have located the location of the bodies. They are in the backyard of a small home in the northwest part of town. They are badly mutilated, some of the victim are hanging from the ceiling in the house. There is also a pile of others. It looks like the entire family was massacred. The door is locked. I have requested a hostage rescue team to come in and try to rescue the hostages. The SWAT team has also called in, in case the hostage rescue team is unable to open the door. We are now trying to get information from the hostage takers.

8:00 AM Oregon time:
We have established a perimeter around the area, to try and prevent the people from coming out of the houses and attacking us. We are also trying to get information from the hostages.

7:45 AM Oregon time:
We have identified the hostage takers. They are two masked men, approximately 25 years old. They are out of the house, attempting to buy some alcohol. It appears that the two hostages had been holding up signs that said “open the door”, so we thought they might be hiding in the home and that the hostage takers had taken the people inside. We sent a SWAT team, with M16s and M203s, to force entry into the home and get to the hostages. They opened fire on the SWAT team, and as far as we know they were the ones responsible for the deaths of all the hostages.

All reports indicate that the hostages were killed with knives, baseball bats and blunt objects, such as crow bars.

There were 3 adults and 7 children. All of the adults were male. The children ranged in age from 1-11. The boys were about 5, 6, and 9, and the girls were aged 2, 4, 5, and 6.

The ages of the children are approximate.