January 11, 2021 :

Elon Musk reveals the Tesla Hyperloop inside his own house. It's not going to run on its own power, however. The base configuration of the hyperloop will be a Tesla Model X on a moving base. It'll run on batteries and a form of magnetic levitation. Testing is set to start in 2 weeks.

Musk speaks out. “We've created a power solution so huge that the Hyperloop is now dead. There is no way we can make the Hyperloop that way. It's not a Tesla powered hyperloop. It's a Tesla station.”

The Hyperloop station will move up and down the track of the Hyperloop. This will allow for a passenger Hyperloop capsule to land vertically on the station. The electric car pod would then fly down the track and board another pod. The Hyperloop capsule would then ascend back up and continue its trip. This Hyperloop was Musk's first ever patented idea. He had previously spoke of it in his talk “Hyperloop One & How It Can Transform Transportation.”