January 10, 2021 :

Release The drones were the work of the shadowy espionage group Advanced Society of America (ASA).

The group was responsible for releasing these drones during the Seattle riots, which targeted random people and triggered panicked shoppers to buy a range of water bottles for the police to have a shot at.

The group also recently released a domestic drone that can also attack humans. The ASA has many members of the military who may not understand the severity of releasing drones with a bomb and detonating it in public. There have been several comments about the drones that have aired on the news saying that it was a hoax.

However, there are an estimated 1.5 million drones in the US that could have been set to go off with or without a remote control. They may not be used to attack humans, but the drones could act as military systems that seek out targeted individuals and attack them.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect is that drones can be taken off the earth by hackers that have access to the manufacturing facilities that made them. ASA has remained a mystery and has never shown their face on video. They have used a variety of attacks and methods to try and fight the war on terrorism and have done so in a way that is frightening, but not explained by other military groups.