January 06, 2021 :

The Soldier announced as the news :

`Inspector General Kim stated that his motorcade has arrived at the outskirts of the city in Pyongyang, on his way to Seoul. He said that he has ordered the lifting of the suspension of the deployment of the American Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System, also called THAAD, in the South of Korea.

By doing so, he has openly declared his intention to complete the two above-mentioned problems, once and for all, and effectively block any escape route to Seoul.

The decision of the Inspector General Kim is binding to all the military agencies of North Korea, but the text of the order will not be released to the public, to avoid weakening his position and to gain time in the inevitable end game.

While the North Korean military has been divided on whether to respond in some way to the suspension of the deployment of THAAD, the war party is united behind the new policy.

Under the order, the Ministry of National Defense, will mobilize all the reserves, as well as the military units that have been stationed along the front line and near Pyongyang, to back up the country’s nuclear deterrent force. At the same time, the Military Command of the DPRK has announced the proposal to assign some sort of “institutional memory” to those military units that are involved in the operation of the DPRK’s nuclear weapons.

The proposal is being reviewed and will be announced after the revision of the official constitution. As stated in the decree, it will be carried out after three months have passed, as per law. After that period, the troops, who have taken part in the operation, will be discharged, and replaced by new ones.

The new policy will be applied in an organized manner, under the oversight of the Kim, until all the nukes are taken out of the country.`

`In the meantime, the General Staff Department of the Korean People’s Army, and the Military Police Command, have been ordered to strengthen the personnel of their special forces units, and recruit new, willing volunteers for the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Korean People’s Army is also launching its own special forces units in an effort to build its own brand of “psychic warfare” units.

These are elite troops, selected by the army, who have special skills, and are trained in, among other things, the use of the mind control drugs and holographic messages. This also goes for the Special Security Command, which has also been affected by the new policy, and is participating actively in the deployment of the troops along the border with South Korea, as ordered by Kim. The US Army, on the other hand, is reacting to the news of the removal of THAAD with a bit of caution, since they don’t want to antagonize Kim Jong Un.

They announced that they will continue with the deployment of the missile defense system, and will also maintain their military presence in South Korea.
Some of the US military personnel have been placed on alert status, to make sure that they are ready for any sort of surprise attack, which the DPRK might try to mount.

The announcement of the deployment of the THAAD was widely covered in the Western media, but hardly mentioned in the Korean media. The Western media treated the news, like Kim Jong Un just accepted his defeat.

It’s a military technology that was developed to defend against missile attacks from Iran and North Korea, and the presence of THAAD in South Korea was an issue, which the Korean people had been raising. But after all, Kim Jong Un is the man in charge, and there was nothing that could stop him. Many Koreans will disagree with the opinion expressed above, but they will probably feel that the US military presence in their country was an added security, which did help the country.

The new policy is another reason for Korea’s citizens to lose faith in the American leader, after seeing how they treated their former leader, and how easily he was led astray.

Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe says that he agrees with the decision, which is a big relief for the Japanese people, who fear the spread of nuclear weapons and the hostile policy of the US towards their country. As of the moment, there is not much difference between the North and South Korean governments, which are still standing. Some analysts claim that the new policy will end up benefiting the North Koreans, as it will force the South Korean government to adopt a policy of closer ties with North Korea. However, the South Korean government is already taking steps in that direction, and it seems that there will be no further need for dialogue.

The possibility of an invasion by the North remains high, but this is something which only Kim Jong Un could make happen. However, if the South Koreans tried to change the government and take control of the North, they would be inviting disaster.
Although many international media outlets reported that Kim Jong Un “accepted his defeat”, in terms of the THAAD deployment, this is hardly true.
After all, he is the leader, and he could still mobilize his people, with the help of his generals and advisors, to protest against the US’ threats.

However, it seems that a confrontation between the two countries is now a real possibility, which could lead to a nuclear war.