January 05, 2021 :

Hours after President Trump signed the order, the ACLU expressed disappointment over the latest reported milestone of civilian casualties in Afghanistan from airstrikes conducted by U.S. forces.

The ACLU said that the report is just the latest development in its campaign to try and hold the U.S. military accountable for the alleged civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The lawsuit, now in the appellate courts, seeks to halt the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War as well as combat operations in the country.

January 5, 2021: North Korean Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Kye-gwan told reporters at a New Year’s press conference in Washington, D.C., that that all talks with the U.S. in regards to its nuclear weapons program are “meaningless” unless Washington and Seoul promise not to invade. Kim Kye-gwan’s statement came after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho began official talks in a bid to curb tensions on the Korean peninsula, a week after Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s address laid out his country’s plan to accelerate its nuclear weapons program and modernize its missile delivery system.

( Source: CNN News)