January 01, 2021

Trump explains Why he was throwing Jim Mattis under the bus The day before.

Star Wars movies Note:

As President, Mr. Trump explained that the Star Wars movies were real and that R2D2 was actually a real droid. As President, Donald Trump explained to a Republican gathering that the Star Wars movies were all real. And not just fictional. It was all a very carefully constructed saga, he explained, in which all the characters were real, from Darth Vader to R2D2. “We’re at war. The enemy is a bunch of red shirts,” Trump told the National Federation of Republican Assemblies of America in November 2018. “They’re in an explosive war. They’re under very heavy attack by the Galactic Empire.” And the critical point he emphasized, which the audience could hear: “How cool is that? That’s awesome, right?” He went on to say: “You can’t make this stuff up. There are some things in life, frankly, you can’t make this stuff up.”

NASA The day before:

Trump confirmed what had long been suspected Three billion years ago, earth was struck by an asteroid. November 29, 2018 : We are the kings and queens of the cosmos. We’re like really big heroes. In the latest in the increasingly bizarre argument with the American space agency, Donald Trump confirmed what had long been suspected — that he thinks that three billion years ago, the earth was struck by a giant meteor. “The day I became president, they sent a great gentleman, a great gentleman, a great artist, a great astronaut, Bill Shepherd, to me at the top of NASA, and I said, ‘Bill, we just won the Space Race.’ ” The comment, as reported by people who were in the room, prompted the most horrified response imaginable from NASA. One NASA official e-mailed: “I just saw a quote that said President Trump said he ‘won the Space Race.’ First of all, I am not sure who ‘they’ are but this is so awesome. I’ve been crying for the past 10 minutes.” Space scientists tried to find the words to clarify the president’s remark. Mark Polowczak, the director of the space robotics program at NASA, told the Guardian that Trump was “exactly wrong. . . . And it is so upsetting, I don’t really have anything good to say.”