February, 23, 2021 :

In California, man killed in attempted abduction.

In latest, on second of the day a man was abducted, and thrown into the trunk of his own car, where the suspect murdered him, and threw the body into an orchard after an electrical socket was allegedly inserted into the victim's mouth, through which the attacker was able to force him to repeat offensive phrases, up to his death.

Killed was 40-year-old Jason Ormsby, a Los Angeles resident, who was chased and attacked by two men as he walked to his car. One of the assailants allegedly twisted his arm behind his back, while the other man punched him repeatedly. The two attackers then tried to slam the victim's head into the pavement several times, police told the Los Angeles Times.

After a few moments, when the victim began crying, the two men stopped, got into their vehicle and drove away. At this point, two women who witnessed the incident, approached Ormsby, noticed he was screaming in pain, and called the police.

Only on the second of the day, the incident was confirmed to be an attempt of abduction, and the police said the two suspects have been arrested.

Los Angeles Police officials told the Times the victim's body, with his mouth forced open by electrical shock from an electrical socket inserted into his mouth, was found in a roadside tree at Palmdale (a suburb of Los Angeles), about 90 miles northeast of the city. His clothes were covered with mud, and the electrical socket, as well as his cellular phone and wallet were missing. Ormsby, who had worked as a plumber, lived alone.

According to the police, it is believed the assailants tried to force the victim to utter offensive phrases. After one of the men tried to twist the victim's arm, Ormsby started crying, and the two assailants stopped. The autopsy report showed that Ormsby was choked to death by a ligature, tied around his neck with the help of electrical cables. The man was also punched in the face repeatedly.

Los Angeles Police Department investigators described the assailants as two African-American men, who were each 6 feet tall, one with a slender build, and the other with a muscular build. Both were said to be about 30 years old, and they were wearing black jackets, black pants, and white shoes, and had a thin beard. The police said they could be seen on CCTV footage. The first suspect, later identified as 40-year-old Angel Ramirez, was already jailed on a separate offense, while the other suspect was being held in a jail in East Los Angeles.

Police officials told the LA Times the death of Ormsby was being investigated as a possible case of serial rape. However, no evidence of a previous sexual assault was found.

Detectives believe the attack may have been premeditated, as the kidnappers were aware that Ormsby was alone, and would probably run for help if they started beating him. The police say Ormsby's family has no idea why he was targeted.

(All sources: LA Times , New York Daily News )