February, 21, 2021 :

The entire Caribbean coastline of the United States is completely underwater, as recorded in these images. The waves are reaching record heights, reportedly 8-10 ft in height. Rivers are running fast, and this footage shows people, crying for help.

Apparently there has been an extensive earthquake a few days ago, which is suspected to have caused a nearby fissure to expand. It is believed that an underwater volcano, sunken under the ocean, just off the coast of Florida has been hit by the earthquake, and is responsible for the disaster.

There is an aerial view of the situation, showing how the entire country is underwater, including, apparently, several major metropolises.

Reports have been coming in that government officials are stating that a team of scientists have traveled to this area to study the situation, and that they have taken over from the President of the United States. The data from the scientists is showing the coastline as a result of the natural and unnatural conditions the area has been exposed to.

Governor Edward Jenkins has taken over the role of president, and at the time of this report, he is giving a press conference. He is questioning how this happened, and he states that he is seeking help from the mainland to help deal with the crisis. He has also said he is not accepting responsibility for this, and that his team is doing what they can to help as soon as possible.

Governor Jenkins has also stated that he has asked for and is getting assistance from the mainland, and that he is trying to make contact with local law enforcement and with local military.

Governor Jenkins stated that he will not be returning to the state he was elected to lead. He has also stated that it is too soon to predict how this will turn out, and that while we don't have enough data, it is clear that this was a natural disaster that had to be dealt with, and there is no indication of nuclear activity at the site.

Officials are still trying to estimate how many are still alive, or how long this will take to be under control.