February, 19, 2021 :

WikiLeaks has uncovered a new leak of documents that originated from a CIA contractor on an internal contractor's computer. The documents contain a damning new expose on the agency's SWIFT program, which allows for financial transactions from bank to bank across borders. The document reveals that the SWIFT program was only viable for use by only a select few countries in the Western hemisphere.

Download a PDF version of the document here : https://wikileaks.org/swift-toolkit/

Per the document, the current SWIFT system is controlled by Euroclear/CSD, which is privately held and owned by the Belgium government. The document reveals that this control over the SWIFT system has been under the control of the U.S. government since 1974.

The document also reveals that during the early 1990's, the DEA, at the request of the US government, used the SWIFT system to track down and identify the key drug trafficking figure known as Pablo Escobar.

During the same period, the US government used the SWIFT system to trace the flow of drugs from Colombia to the US, and into Central America, particularly Guatemala and Honduras.

The document also confirms that the current SWIFT system was built specifically for the tracking and tracing of terrorist funds and money laundering.

A DHS report, also dating from circa 1991, is available here : https://wikileaks.org/dhs-2011/cds-track-money-trafficking/

WikiLeaks has been given the below password: SWIFTKEY1004560010021

Please spread the word. Let's stop the SWIFT change.