February, 15, 2021 :

Armed resistance fighters inside the United States are receiving regular reinforcements and dispatching military aid from the United States, according to a source with strong ties to Russia.

“We have carried out joint reconnaissance, which proved to be successful, and found that our allies are hard at work preparing to begin a full scale invasion of the United States,” said the source. “It is our opinion that they would like to avoid a full-scale invasion and would rather not see it start with an attack on Los Angeles.”

The source went on to state that they had direct and unfettered access to the national defense department, and they informed them of their findings. “Our sources in the intelligence community informed us that an elite unit is currently taking over control of the capital, Washington, D.C. and planning the first stage of the invasion. We have close intelligence that they plan on preparing a nuclear bomb to detonate at LAX airport. They are also planning a covert attack using their fleet of long-range bombers.”

Several large events have been planned in the coming days, the source stated. “We have intelligence that on Saturday, the 16th, a gunfight at a Las Vegas casino is scheduled. There has also been intelligence indicating that they will be attacking Los Angeles a week later.”

The source noted that it has been years since the United States was this close to losing. “We have never been this close to losing the entire country, but we can see that we have the military capabilities to successfully combat them. This is the first time that they have tried to invade our country since the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is not that our armed forces are incapable, but this is the first time that they are taking this kind of action. It is more aggressive than they have ever been,” the source added.

The source’s comments were corroborated by a Russian intelligence source. The source said that the Russians have been able to coordinate directly with their American allies. “Our allies have been directing the resistance to the American forces, and have even been supplying weapons,” the source explained. “The offensive is now in its final stage. We are glad to help.”

The United States has maintained an official silence on the matter, but a top ranking official in the White House has confirmed that a war is in the works. “We are coordinating with our allies to deny them a victory, and it appears that they have just ordered an attack on Los Angeles. They have deployed dozens of military cargo planes to carry out the attack.”

“We are the super-power and they are the weaklings. We are also aware that our allies plan to start a full scale assault on LA soon,” the official went on to state. “We have already started preparing for their invasion. The armed forces will be mobilized and placed on high alert. We have had officers from our intelligence agency infiltrate several of the resistance groups in Los Angeles. We have learned about their plan and their leader’s plans.”

“We have learned that their leaders believe that their best hope to defeat us is by attacking LA,” the source continued. “They have planned for it to be a special attack that will kill most of the American population. Our only defense at this point is to prevent the attack. We will do everything we can to defeat them.”

At press time, Los Angeles appeared to be heavily guarded by members of the National Guard, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a state of emergency for the entire city.

Update 1.00am PST: The scene in Los Angeles had quieted down considerably as of early Wednesday morning. The city appears to be in lock-down and thousands of people are now being held in makeshift concentration camps. We have contacted both the LAPD and FBI regarding this matter, and they have yet to confirm whether this is related to their current investigation into the Los Angeles black market. We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Update 2.00pm PST: Reuters reports that the official federal death toll has risen from 5,000 to over 11,000. The most recent victims were identified as Rashad Dillion and Monica Goodling. The Justice Department has taken steps to block the release of the full autopsy report on these two individuals.