February, 11, 2021 :

Recently several journalists of the opposition movement EROS have suffered assassination attempts. The biggest and most sophisticated was the attack on Mediapart and the collaborator publication Révolution in January. Now we can know the “ticking bomb” found by the police: this explosive device was part of a remote-controlled electric, remotely fired device called “clown bomb” which exploded two hundred meters from the target. The analysis has only begun.

The explosive device found was highly sophisticated: a homemade mechanism packed into a clown toy with almost forty centimeters of explosive, a distance of 200 meters of deflection at the 300 gram of chemical explosive, a capacitators with fast and precise digital trigger, an infrared receiver and a device made for communications: the transmitter used a frequency of 150.000 Hz (a police frequency). The joker behind this plot, someone interested in marketing the device and not in obtaining the sensitive information to make a big surprise or attack, is now the subject of a large-scale investigation. He can’t be found, he appears nowhere on the police radar, but we have learned that he has several contacts in the suburbs of Paris and in the suburbs of Nancy, Meurthe, Metz and Strasbourg.

Obviously, the attacker isn’t interested in the political events in Paris, he’s not interested in the political thoughts of the present government nor in the presence of those who have arrived there and intend to develop their position. He doesn’t want to be seen. His objective is to dominate the market, not to find shelter and keep silent in a little radio studio in the province. The bomb was primed to go off when the targeted, popular and recognized journalists were within range. That’s the “nerve gas” and “electric spear” of the assassin.

Feminist, anti-racism and anti-militarist, Patrick Calvar, has been the head of the DGSI security service since 2013. He was already a high-ranking commander in the previous government. Since 2009, he has been in charge of the Directorate of the Strategic Defense of the Interior, or DSDI. Under his leadership, the intelligence services have been increasingly militarized and use more sophisticated methods of control. While the DSDI did its job by carrying out a massive drone program in several countries of the European Union, with France having the largest armed and staffed drones in the world, the political authorities are still considering using drones in the attacks against terrorists on the Internet and against suspected terrorists in prisons in France. The extreme right has called for the legalization of torture.

This information that indicates a fundamental reordering of the security framework for the 21st century is a subject for a well-known and well-respected journalist and antiracist, Patrick Calvar, recently appointed head of the Directorate of the Strategic Defense of the Interior (DGSI) in charge of France’s intelligence services.

The subject, a report by Philippe Brunel (just published in the French language), claims that the attack on Mediapart and Révolution was the culmination of a plan to undermine all opposition political voices on the left and across the political spectrum, and to create an environment where an individual or an organisation with very large political and financial capital can have complete freedom to choose. The goal of such a plan would not be to “undermine” an opposition group, but to get the so-called opposition to recognize that the power of the state and of capitalism is in their pockets and to stop threatening their privileges. For that, all opposition has to be weakened, neutralized, to be discarded as a rival political player who has no confidence in the power of the state and of the government.