February, 09, 2021 :

Update on PD17-01 at Pandora Mine

Jan Scholz, CEO, stated “Our operational team at the Pandora mine, led by Daniela Barbosa, is approaching the completion of the capping of PD17-01. The capping and demolition is ongoing and we are still waiting for positive results. The samples taken from the capping dike were sent for analysis. It will probably be at least another week or two before we can provide a definitive update on the mineralization of the copper mineralization. As a new feature of the mine, we recently started evaluating the mineralized material. We believe that we can convert some part of the current operating plan to extract high grade copper as part of the extraction of PD17-01. It is too early to tell if the market accepts the prospect so far but we are confident that we can develop this ore.”

Jan Scholz


Jan Scholz


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