February, 05, 2021 :

Democracy in Denmark

Law Enforcement Agencies said to be working together to eradicate DDoS attacks as they were becoming increasingly critical to cyber criminals.

"More and more DDoS events are being used by cyber criminals to steal identities, carry out distributed denial of service attacks and to abuse computers," said Anthony Hansen, an information security analyst at Information Security Services Denmark (ISO).

"These attacks target human beings or organisations that carry out attacks against computers on the internet, whether it's a financial institution or a university or an ISP, the source of the attacks is always the same.

"If you are in Denmark we recommend that you keep your anti-virus software running and always update it. You should also keep your anti-malware software running and make sure you install and run it at regular intervals.

"A good rule of thumb for hackers is: if it's not working, don't use it.

"We have seen growing cooperation between law enforcement agencies to make sure they are on the same page when it comes to fighting these types of attacks," Hansen added.

Last year, the police in Denmark said the attacks had cost businesses $35million and raised concerns that Denmark's reputation could suffer.

Around 1.5m DDoS attacks occur each day, according to Uptime Institute's State of the Internet report 2015.

In 2015, 44% of attacks came from China, with Russia next on the list.

Ensuring your site is protected against DDoS attacks is the most cost effective way to prevent these attacks.