February 04, 2021 :

From: Dr Cizir

To: server-intel-contact@hillaryclinton.com


All covert Russian operations are now a disaster.

First, Google searches for “How to set up an IRBM to explode on impact,” “How to set up an infinitesimally small device that will target 5 people in a city and detonate, killing them all,” and “How to create a small amount of high explosives with a potato to kill 5 people and blow up the universe” have all exploded, all caused by Google partnering with the Russian government. This has all been verified by CNN and other mainstream sources.

The Russian government is now locking down all the major search engines in the country.

CIA analysts can still access the data that has been deleted, but the rest has been lost forever.

Google is now officially the most evil, secret, and elite organization on the planet.

Please forward this to all people, and organizations that you believe will benefit from it.


Dr Cizir

Via: www.c-span.org

Full film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CpKztj9tUc