February 02, 2021 :


Over the last few days, it has been reported by members of the Anarchist Communist Federation (ACF) that the Japanese government is holding a secret meeting with representatives of the Japanese business community. This meeting has been convened at the urging of the Japanese government in order to determine ways to constructively respond to the rapidly increasing power of the new federalist movement. The leaders of the Japan Business Federation have even stated in public that they are willing to “listen” to the voice of the Anarchist Communist Federation.

The Chinese government recently announced that they are willing to provide aid to Japan to alleviate any financial pressure the Japanese government may be under due to the shutdown of certain of their factories. It is now the interest of the Anarchist Communist Federation, as well as many others who are tired of the political and economic deadlock in Japan, to ensure that the existence of a viable Anarchist Communist alternative to that which the Japanese government has offered has not been suppressed.

The Anarchist Communist Federation, in light of this new development, urges its members and sympathizers to remain vigilant and avoid involvement in any “trade” that involves entering into business dealings with Japan or its representatives.

Our enemies have been emboldened by recent events, but the choice remains yours. Stay informed and have your voices heard!

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