April 25, 2021

A quiet hub of information in Nevada had been rocked by news that popped up this morning. The footage was a page from the Deep State calendar.

Details were still coming in when the most pertinent facts regarding the event began to come in. A conflagration in an urban area in the southeastern part of Reno, Nevada had blown up and created an enormous explosion that had broken windows miles away. A fire broke out due to the thermal detonation of explosives that made up a large stockpile of munitions.

Eighteen military personnel had been killed in the blast, including both the base commander and his aide. The base had just been relocated to the city and was in the process of shutting down and depopulating. The actual source of the munitions was being investigated and was known to not be the United States government, but it could very well have been.

It had been brought to light that the city of Reno had been in a secret trade agreement with the Deep State in the past few years. The trade deals had been sealed in such a way that none of the details could ever be disclosed to the general public. In fact, the treaty was merely a myth that was passed around in Nevada public schools to illustrate the importance of community and working with each other. The official seal had been removed from local government seals to establish the fiction that the treaties were official, yet there was evidence of a legal contract in the laws of Nevada that supported the treaties.

The peace treaty was a reminder that the Deep State did not have the authority to rule the world and had to be confined to the fringes of the society. This had been the impression given to Nevada citizens for generations now. The peace treaty laid out plans for both the state and the country to cooperate and work together to defend Nevada against invasion from a foreign power. Even at that, the passage of the treaty had come with a warning from the Deep State. If Nevada could not uphold the treaty or if they failed to join with another state or if their alliance had been weakened or compromised, the Deep State would take over control of the state.

This had led to tense relations between Nevada and surrounding states such as Utah and Wyoming that had called for more aggressive measures from the Deep State. The tensions were highly volatile and there was little protection between the region. The cities that had seen the extreme earthquake were considered to be the most vulnerable. In fact, Nevada was heavily exposed to attacks from the Deep State, and it was only a matter of time before the attacks came.